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Over sensation

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    May 20, 2020 1:18 AM CEST

    Just wanting some advice from the more experienced guys!

    im in a relationship where my partner loves to fist me something I’ve wanted and been working towards for quiet some time , due to work I’m away for a-week then home for a week during this time I get fisted a lot! 
    my question is I seem to be over stimulated by this I don’t touch my cock and loose my hard on or don’t get hard but come within minutes of having a whole hand in me. I use poppers and find this helps a bit with the delay but drives me crazy to and end up ina cycle off orgasms and cumming which tends to prematurely stop the session ( sometimes it lasts 30 minutes or more )as it gets to the stage when I ether orgasm or cum the moment He gets his hand inside me 

    dont get me wrong I’m not complaining but my thing is we  have been doing it for 12 months and we both want to go bigger and deaper and I just can’t seem to hold it together long enough for the sessions to get there 

    is this common for a new fistee To go through does it go away/ diminish iv tried anal numbing cream that just seemed to make the orgasm/cum more extreme lol
    would love to get both his hands inside me 

    thanks guys 


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    May 21, 2020 10:22 AM CEST

    My hole is  sloppy so no effort is needed in getting in. Some days my pussy "ITCHES" bad for a huge fist and unless he goes deep I'm not being satisfied. The bigger and wider my hole gets...the MORE I NEED. But let him tease the walls of your pussy, both hands back to back circling around the rim of your hole. I often lose my hard on  when he goes deep, but when he inserts his other hand in.. and keeps twisting his arms my cock gets like a piece of steel.....I gotta let my load flow. Next time pay attention to those things that trigger your need to cum...then back off. I'm trying  baby oil and crisco I find that extremely satisfying as a lube.