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Relaxing During Your Session

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    November 9, 2019 11:41 AM CET

    I have some advice that may help the guys who are new to fisting. I learned this through trial and error, and hopefully it will help. 

    My first attempts at taking my boyfriends fist generally ended in failure. It just hurt too much to continue. Thankfully, my boyfriend was tuned into my feelings, and he helped me to relax so that we could continue. Being tense is never going to help. If you tense up, your sphincter tightens up, and things become much more difficult. If you feel yourself  tensing up, have your partner stop, yet leave his fingers inserted. Then lay your head back, take 4 good deep breaths and feel your body loosen up.  If your body loosens up, so will your sphincter. Don’t be afraid to do this as many times as necessary. 

    If your partner uses rapid stabbing movements, it will probably hurt like hell. Educate him to use slow, deliberate thrusts, it makes a world of difference. Push in, stop, hold it, allow your partner to relax and get used to it then advance some more. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. 

    I love lube injectors. I use mine copiously to get J-Lube deep into my ass before my boyfriends fingers meet the inner walls of my rectum. We use the lube injectors before and during our sessions, I can’t recommend them enough. 

    We are popper queens - we use Amsterdam multiple times during our sessions. I can’t imaging fisting without them.

    One of my personal fetishes is to wear my high top wrestling style tennis shoes during our sessions. I love to lay back on the bench with my legs in the air, tennis shoes on. Everyone has their little fetishes, and be sure to include them in your fisting sessions. It just makes everything hotter.

    I am an anal PIG. We always start with a buttplug, then varying sizes of dildos, working up to a super thick 9 incher. After that, I like to have a softball or T-Ball bat shoved up there. We always put a condom on the bat to smooth out the scratches, then in it goes. My boyfriend gets off on fucking me with that bat, and I love it! I figure that if I can take a bat, the fist comes next.

    We take our sweet time every time. Never, ever, hurry fisting, it will probably result in nothing but pain and frustration. Slow and easy, lots and lots of lube, patience, a warm-up with big dildos and a patient top will give you a successful outcome. 

    When his hand finally breaks through my sphincter and slides inside, I take a good hit of poppers and my mind nearly leaves my body. It’s a tremendous physical and mental high. One more thing, make frequent eye contact with your partner. Lock your eyes on his and establish a deep mental/metaphysical connection. Its so powerful!!




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    December 3, 2019 5:04 AM CET

    Nicely said and your pics are HOT. Yes he key to a fun pleasurable FF session is to know how and when to relax. Poppers help and work for me every time. Breath and think of how awesome it feels and will feel after your tunnel is explored deeper and deeper. But always remember to breath and relax as you go. Don't be in a rush. It feels to good to rush it. 

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    December 3, 2019 5:23 AM CET
    Thanks man! The first time we actually fisted one another we were in a hurry. I still regret it, as my ass hurt for a week. Beginners inexperience. You are correct, breathing in and out deeply makes a ton of difference. When I exhale I make a deliberate effort to relax my entire body. And we use lots of J Lube.
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    February 19, 2020 2:52 AM CET

    Hey Jeff, Hope you're doing well and getting FF many times over the Holiday and this new year. I come back and read your article above and it always reminds me of how important relaxing is during FF. I practice this almost every time I get FF but now it's becoming an inner sense that comes more naturally. I also practice it when I get the urge to "Shit" or expel whatever is inside of me out....... Deep breaths and a few huffs and my urges subside and my partner can continue in deeper and deeper. I've been able to have one guy so far reach beyond my inner ring and tickle my inner colon. It took some time but WELL worth the ride getting there. 

    Be well my friend.


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    February 19, 2020 11:21 PM CET
    Thanks Bobby! It’s advice from those more experience than me. Sadly, I am not there so that you could demonstrate for me! My boyfriend tries, but he is 90% bottom, and he is not really into fisting me. He is just trying to get it over with so that we can flip-flop. But I am slowly training him, and hopefully one day before I die, he will have the technique down. I agree with you, thrusting jabs are no help to me at all. I am constantly warning him to slow down, be patient and take it easy, but he has a hard time processing all of that I suppose. I really want his hand up past my rectum into the sigmoid, that is our next goal. Take care, and enjoy your freedom man. We all earned it.
  • February 20, 2020 8:16 AM CET

    Hi Jeff,yep u r on the money m8y,,good advice,actually geat advice,,Just one little prob,with me i  mean I,ve always been perceived as a top, which for the most part I am,bit bu the time I,,ve done my friend/m8,I ,m too uptight, putting ALL my attention to his needs, By that time I,m tuckered out,I mean I will start slowly nevr punch then slowly wk and work their hole till htey r in bloke heaven, But I can,t shake off, that thing, that i,m a top, and though I,ve had a few good times, mainly involving me spasming,uncontolably and swaering the block down,,and yeah feels great, But that lack of control,always bugs me,? maybe once a top always a TOp,? I dunno, m8y, tried everything, but I do find a packet of vals thu the day normally makes me relaxed enogh,I,m not into pot, hate it,and that other stuff T everyone is using, not only takes too long to get out of your sytem but makes u a needy person which I,m not, always been an independant little bloke, anyway thats my dilema ,always seen as the top, ,so I play the part expected of me in ife, though i don,t have trouble walking up to a bloke and saying "so do u fuck?" or taking cok, but though I,ve got a healthy large toy selection, a huge 13" incher that fits,and goes all the way, i find it REALLy bloody hard to ever let that side of me show,again, maybe a deffensive thing, ...we all have out,little idiosyncraciesBut i can count on one hand the times I,ve been fisted, ,Oh well s,posse its the way things go,But hey great advice for those willing to trust.good one jeff,best wishes ROb,XXX

  • March 18, 2020 7:06 AM CET

    Thank u once again jeff,Its a tough gig to go from being the dom top all your life with the BBC,to trying to be passive ,I thank u very much in your post on this matter I,m told breathing etc, but only thing that seems to wk is don,t laugh a cpole of valium before hand, va,t smoke dope makes me even more aggressive.we,re all different i suppose and I gave up the booze a long time ago, once u,ve had a relationshio with a certifiable alcoholic, u look and think if I look that bloody ugly I,m never touvhing it again,LOL, thanks agaim m8y, ROB,xxxooooxxx. genuine masculine,aussie tradie fister bloke ,I see the pleasure i give and would like a bit back but never seems to wk, i dunno, I,m a small bloke in stature so most of the blokes i go with or r BF,s r mostly married bi blokes, and Its not just a one nighter thing they really love me, i dunno I,m all up for some fun,bt NOT into breaking up marriages ,hope that makes sense,anyway i,ve always been the little agro,koori tradie bloke with the big dick, so might as well apreciate what i was given ,and a good bod anfd not bad looks either.I seem to have laways been pigeon holed as a top fro the begining in my teens, yeah sure I,ve taken dick no probs,i,ve got no hang ups over it either or liling blokes ,I think i,m just a born top man ,It is a rare occasion i let guys fuck me ,strange its more to do with the "am i clean thing" as its normally first thing in the morning,>Anyway I saw you and your partnesr pic, really sweet, I mean it, glad u found your soulm8, once again all the best kind wishes and regards ROB 

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    April 20, 2020 9:03 AM CEST

    As a fistee and a PIG...I love both depth and width. Thick ,muscular forearms are my weapon of choice. Obviously relaxing and "learning" how to relax are very important. I will squeeze my anal  muscles around his forearm and as I relax my constriction around his forearm...he slides in a bit more. Tons of lube is a must. J-Lube is the best. Keeping a small misting bottle of water rejuvenates it and slicks it back up. I alternate between depth and width. I want him to work both hands and arms in as well.Crisco and baby oil together are my alternate lubes. But above all.....a complete clean out of your ass will help enormously with the depth.I love the 3-4 days following a heavy fisting session.....and how loose I remain. 

  • April 21, 2020 12:05 AM CEST

    Hi Damien ,really liked your tips m8y, yeah never thought of keeping a misting water bottle handy,,good one m8y, ,also I love the three days post fist, when I get it, u,d think someone would want to fist a healthy gd bodies and cock, masculine, musular aussie traide, but nah I always seem to top, never the other way, and when they say they r vers, i still top for ages till its bed time, or I,m too tired to go on.but I diverge, yep those days after a good fisting, not only loose, but i stay barred up, for ages, gets a bit emabarrasing at wk, when i,m getting out of the crane, gotta check i still don,t have a hard on, as i stay REALYY bloody horny for those post days, , anyway m8y thanks good advice too, all the best regards ,stay well, ROB, genuine sleazy aussie traide fister.fistee, bloke,