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30 min Colon Clean Out

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    November 30, 2018 7:23 PM CET
    When time is of the essence, the most important point is not to start with a large volume enema. You need to work up to it. When you are in a hurry the very last thing you want to do is to push any gas and/or solids backwards up your rectum and colon. When you are in a hurry it is extremely tempting to push as much fluid as fast as possible up your ass to get the cleaning process going, but that is guaranteed to push stuff backwards and that will cause stoppages and cramping when you try to expel. It will completely derail your efforts to be fast. Slow and steady wins the race. To help avoid pushing stuff the wrong way, always stand up or be vertical when filling. Don’t use positions or techniques to “help” the enema go in. If it doesn’t go in easily, if you feel cramps or pressure, you know that the fluid is pushing up against either gas or solids. It is not a problem if the fluid goes past solids (as long as they are not carried up the wrong way int he process) but if it is pushed past gas the gas often causes a vapor lock. There will be lots of cramping on the way out and nothing comes back past it in a hurry. Since there is no way to know if the pressure is from a gas pocket or a solid mass you have to take the approach that it is gas. You don’t have the time wait for your colon to shift a gas pocket that is preventing stuff getting past or out.
    Step 1 – Empty the rectum
    Anus and Rectum

    Start with a very small amount of warm water. You don’t need to use a enema bag for this step. If might be easier/quicker is you use an enema bulb syringe. You must use warm water to help relax the muscles. The warmer the better but don’t scald your ass. 100ml or 1 oz, just to help empty the rectum of any solids or gas quickly. 1 squirt and 1 squat should only take a minute.
    Step 2 – Flush the rectum
    Next is a quick flush of the rectum. Depending on your anatomy you will need 300-500ml to fill the rectum. Using enema bottles or syringes can be problematic as you are likely to go too fast or too far. Take it slow is the key and stop if you feel any cramping or pressure. You have either reached the top of the rectum or you have encountered more solids or gas. Solids or gas might have descended when you squatted the first time or you may not have emptied the rectum entirely with the first squat. Regardless, stop and squat when you feel the pressure. A fart at the end of the squat is always a good sign. Gas is your enemy and you want it out.
    Step 3 – Empty the Sigmoid Colon
    Third step is to clean out the sigmoid and even the descending colon. That does not mean filling them with water. If you didn’t get to 500ml (or a pint) on the last step you should be able to get there now, but it is OK if you don’t. The program is much the same as before – don’t push it and make sure the water flow is slow! It should take about 1 min to take 500ml. And if it goes in without any resistance, no more than 1 qt – 1 ltr. Warm water as always. Fill yourself as before, until you feel the pressure or cramping. Don’t keep filling beyond this point even if you don’t seem to have got any further than last time, but this time don’t expel right away.

    You have to hold it, without adding any more water, until the cramp or pressure passes. You will feel your insides relax dramatically. Then you should find it easy to hold for a couple of minutes. If the pressure/cramps start again, try to hold it till the feeling passes. Now sit, don’t squat. Drop your knees below your hips, sit up and arch back a little to help straighten out your lower bowel. Try to control the expulsion so that it is more of a release than a push.

    When the flow stops or peters out to a dribble, deliberately clench your anus to stop (wipe) and stand up. Stretch, arch your back, twist your torso and use your stomach muscles to push your belly out. If you can, walk around for a minute. Softly “smooth” your hands over your belly in circular motions. Now sit in a more regular toilet position, knees up high, in a proper squatting position if you can and give it a push to see what more you can get out. Give it at least a minute.

    This will have taken you up to the 10 min mark or there abouts.
    Step 4 – Empty the colon
    Now it is time for the 2 quarts – warm water. It should be taken slowly. This is why it is often said that an enema bag should not be hung higher than your shoulder or head height. The water should flow easily without any resistance until it reaches the top of the descending colon. At this point you might feel some amount of pressure or a subtle cramping – Somewhere between 1 pnt/500ml to 1 qrt/1 ltr. The pressure might be quite consistent. As long as it is a small amount and doesn’t keep building up, keep letting the water flow in. You might even notice the water flow stops briefly when you feel this pressure. If the pressure keeps building up as it did before then stop, as you did before. Hold it as in the last step. Follow the same release pattern as above and the start step 4 again.

    If you did feel any resistance, it will pass once you get more than half the water in. Keep filling slowly. It should take three (3) or more minutes before all the water is inside. You should be able to hold it quite easily. Hold it for several minutes (up to 5 mins.). Rub your belly gently smoothing the palms of your hands over the surface in circular motions.

    When you sit, assume the upright sitting arched back slightly with knees dropped. Try to let it flow rather then push. When the flow slows to a trickle. Stop! No matter how hard it is to stop, STOP! Wipe, stand up for a minute and then sit again. If you feel a cramp coming on… STOP! Squeeze your anus no matter how hard it is to do that when all you want to do is push past the cramping. Wipe, stand up and the cramp will settle very quickly. Then resume your seat.

    Being blunt, the tail end of the evacuation will be muddy, smelly and if you have done a good job, punctuated by any small pocket of gas that was hiding high up in your colon. As the water flows out the gas always rises to the top, so it is the last bit to come out.

    Now you are going to be at the 20 min mark.
    Step 5 – Clean out
    There are two ways to go from here. After Step 4 your colon will be empty but there will be traces of stuff throughout its length. You have about 10 mins left to either focus on making the rectum really clean for your play time, which is still hours away, or you can repeat Step 4 and give your whole colon another flush to reduce the amount of residue in there which means (to be squeaky clean during play later in the evening) you will need to give you rectum a quick flush with a small amount of warm water just before play, or at least when you get to your playmate.

    If this is absolutely your last opportunity to get to the toilet or clean yourself in any way, then you have to work your way backwards from the Sigmoid colon down. I can suggest different volumes of water but it is an individual thing. With experience you will get to know your capacity for each section of your colon. Unfortunately, that come with trial and error. To fill your rectum, Sigmoid and at least the lower part of the descending colon is going to take about 1 pint. Maybe 500 ml or you might take up to 800 ml. What is most important is not to start filling up the Transverse colon again. Take the warm water slowly but as soon as you are ready sit and expel. Use the upright positioning and release, don’t push. Sit for a minute to make sure it has drained out.

    Now go back to smaller volumes. This is where a large enema bulb syringe comes in handy again. You just want to repeatedly squirt about 250 lm of warm water into your rectum and release it. Sit for a minute to make sure it has drained. Keep doing that till the expelled water comes out clear.

    Another method of just flushing your rectum that would be faster depends greatly on circumstances and if you have a long nozzle on your enema bag. You can try filling your bag with warm water, judge when you have allowed about 250 ml of water to flow in and then without removing the nozzle start expelling. Literally flush your rectum by letting the water flow out your ass while it is flowing in through the nozzle. It is just an additional idea. Usually people do this type of thing in the shower or even with a Shower Shot enema attachment.
    Your colon is very good at extracting water but it doesn’t do it “mindlessly”. As good as you colon is at recovering water its job is to keep a good balance. When it fails to keep the balance you get constipated or diarrhea. Fill your colon with water, just once, it will trigger a compensatory response from your colon that will last hours (if not days). As long as there are no pockets of water you left in your colon, your colon will suck itself dry. If you can get you finger in your ass without lube you will find that it is very tacky inside. Another good reason why lube is necessary and a lot of it. Any residue that was left higher up in the colon will be immobilized by the dry, tacky conditions. Even hours after you enema program you will be good for hours of play. Even depth play.
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    February 4, 2019 10:01 PM CET

    A very interesting and informative description. Too many times guys arrive here and expect to spend 1hr cleaning out. They really must be dislodging too much from higher up.

    Have to say that as a final action I do insert my fingers just into my colon to release as much free water as possible then check the situation with clean toilet paper before showering down.

    Thank you


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    May 2, 2019 3:02 AM CEST

    Thanks for this - I had discovered this method and seeing it set out so clearly is great.  Step 4 is the most essential - by waiting for the cramps to pass, the whole colon needs to relax and then evacuate.  Unless you have had that absolute evacuation, no point going into the sling.

    I am a big fan of repeating step 4 a couple of times, to make sure everything is clean - and massaging the abdomen to encourage the evacuation also gives a faster and more effective clean.

    Another effective way is to use picoprep - it is the preparation for a colonoscopy and while it takes a couple of hours, the result is a clinically clean colon of fun.

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    June 2, 2019 9:12 PM CEST

    I've arrived at a 45 minute process that has worked 100% so far.  I think I understand what my body is telling me toward the end of the cleanout session.  A certain feeling, not quite an ache but the best description I can think of that feels good, not a bad one and an urge to pee.  The number of fills and flushes changes each time but once those feelings come on I know I'm done and ready to play in about an hour to two hours later and good to go for many hours of play.

  • June 3, 2019 6:05 AM CEST

    This should be essential reading for ALL gay and Bi blokes,very good ,that u guys talk so frankly about the thing most guys freak about ,I just show them the hose and tell them to douche,Its crude But effective way of hinting that no blokes going to be 100 percent clean.and If he wants anal ,no guys going to give it to him unless he,s clean,besides no bloke wants to be dirty for their partners .or at least try not to be.I find if I take a couple of lomotil tabs at lunch ,clean out then a couple more before play and a longer clean out nornmally wks,that way i can get down to play with probs.,good on guys rob

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    August 11, 2019 8:52 AM CEST

    I have been using a shower enema with a 18" soft flexible hose for years.Without exerting too much pressure and going no further than the rectum it's a process of letting gravity do its thing. IT's important the rectum is cleaned out before attempting entering the colon.Water pressure should be at a minimum and the temp not too warm.I'll take a 10 minute break in between flushing.Not all cleanings are the same, some are longer, some shorter. Depends of your  recent food consumption. I like a  extra deep fisting so being clean is important. You know your body....listen to it.

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    October 25, 2019 11:04 PM CEST

    I use a colon hose and can completely clear my rectum and large intestine in about an hour. When I'm planning a long session I usually do this in the morning and then periodically do a bit more every few hours just to make sure. I'm good to play for 12 hours after that.