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Fist btm from Israel

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    October 1, 2018 10:56 AM CEST


    my name is Jossef

    from Israel

    i am total btm

    all time i loved to be fucked and big dicks til.....

    i found i love the fisting scane

    i do not use any chems or smoke - all i use is poppers

    so all go bit slower in opening

    it took time and now i can get nice punch deep fisting

    with samll hand i took half way to elbow

    with wide hand got nice deep fisting but not as small one

    once i got double fist and it was amazing

    i love to be fisted and love to have long seesion

    i can be vers in fisting - love to do it but for me it is better to be just btm

    be happy to know new tops

    will be soon in berlin

    i live alone in israel

    and my dream is to be filmed to sex movie as fucked and fisted

    also want to play in cam4 - love the public show

    can also be fisted in party near every one

    love love love the public


    i do not love j-lube - i love crisco and boybutter


    be happy to new fisting frends and sessions and if you are in berlin in 17-22.10

    be happy to meet


    i come 2 times at least a year to berlin


    thanks gusy