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First time Rambone all the way!

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    October 30, 2015 4:48 AM CET

    Hey everyone! A 22yo guy here and a fresh member of the network!

    So today I bought my first dildoes ever.. And being the greedy pig that I am, I went straight for the more heavy duty ones, which included a rambone!
    I have done practically no anal play in the past, so I'm making this post to celebrate the fact that on my first try, first time playing with toys, I got a freaking rambone all the way inside me UP TO THE BALLS! How crazy is that1
    And how happy I am to see that maybe my ass was meant to become a real mancunt, right from the beginning!

    I'm now planning to start working on the width, rather than the depth since I think it's the safer option for begginners (I'm still feeling some irritation up my gut).

    I would love to hear from the more experienced gents in here exactly what would be the best way to loosen up your hole. Having a sloppy mancunt is the ultimate goal for me!

    And now, with a sore ass, I'll continue jacking off to the fact that I actually did it!

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    September 2, 2016 5:43 PM CEST

    thats great Matt! sounds like your a natural for armpit fisting. keep working that cunt and hopefully we will see you in some videos taking an entire arm and/or a 6" girth toy. would live to see you take my xo speculum. it opens up to 6". 

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    July 11, 2018 2:53 AM CEST
    So jealous....been trying forever to get rambone all the way in
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    July 11, 2018 2:54 AM CEST
    So jealous....been trying forever to get rambone all the way in