• Birkenstocks Shoes Factory Outlet

    Posted June 13 by Beyonce

    Highsnobiety aims to provide our readers with the latest updates in the sneaker world. However, we cannot verify the reliability of any unauthorized leaks or rumors unless this information is provided directly by the brands themselves.Sean Wotherspoon‘s winning Fitflop Shoes Nike design, the A...

  • Toronto Fist

    Posted April 26, 2017 by FatBrad

    Looking to get fisted while in Toronto on May 24. Any suggestions for which spa?

  • Looking for fists

    Posted April 22, 2017 by westfist1

    Anyone in southern California that likes big dildos and fists, Temecula area and surrounding.

  • Fist montpellier france

    Posted February 11, 2017 by rencontrehetero

    bonjour, si un mec de montpellier veut se faire fister ou me fister, viens me parler sur je suis jeune de 23 ans, je suis bg :)

  • Fisting in Perth

    Posted January 26, 2017 by biandbi

    Hi guys. Anyone interested in fisting who are living in Perth. Let's get together and open each other up

  • MILANO fistee

    Posted January 22, 2017 by Fistpussyboy

    i'm a north - italy pig perv fistee, searching for italian fister and switch. only determinated in real session. sono un maiale pervertito fistee che vive nel nord italia, cerco fister italiani o versatili, determinato solo a incontri reali su xtube sono iumi su recon romeo e snapchat fistpussybo...

  • Dutch fist boys

    Posted January 15, 2017 by Navyfrogmannl

    I am A Dutch Fister and I am looking for more fist friends I am 53 years old and Single no Friends with th same Intrest I am looking for more closer friends into the Netherlands. Between the age of 45 and the 60 year If you living into the Area of Amsterdam please contact me Ik spreek ook N...

  • Fisting in Chicago

    Posted January 1, 2017 by red

    Exhibitionist submissive fistpig looking for use and abuse from local dominant kinkster. Leather, S&M, CBT, Nipple torture and watersports. Loves uncut cock. And understands the pleasure /pain continuum. I can usually take both hands and am working on a 4 inch prolapse.

  • Holiday FFun

    Posted December 22, 2016 by Punch_this_hole

    I took a few pics today for the holidays. They might be my Christmas cards this year. Ha Ha Ha....Ho, Ho, Ho

  • im new here

    Posted November 19, 2016 by cricket

    hi guys im new here im into getting fisted ive been fisted 3 times and love the feel i want to be doubled fisted one day im in northern california im bisexual im a bottom 5 foot 10 235 lbs red hair hazel eyes if interested contact me at

  • I am keen on gaining more width

    Posted March 28, 2016 by Aussisfistpig

    Hi guys, I'm an experienced fister, I can easily take double fists, what I'm looking for is a guy or some guys who have an interest in seeing how wide that they can stretch my hole, I have done a pretty good job myself , but now I want to change tack a bit, I want to keep getting stretched , but ins...

  • fist party at Club Culture Houze- BERLIN

    Posted March 23, 2016 by SPANISHFF

    this saturday the fist party at club culture houze with the pornstar Pietro Calgari (during Easter)

  • Fairfield, Ca

    Posted March 17, 2016 by fistshole

    Fistshole in Fairfield Ca

  • Enema and Big Toys play

    Posted March 10, 2016 by toyman69

    i am looking for a man to give me an enema and replace the water with Big ass dildos and piss!

  • new_FIsting

    Posted March 8, 2016 by boss

    hey guys, young latin guy, into fisting, need someone to teach me how to firts time fisting, dallas tx here

  • Dare Me

    Posted February 12, 2016 by Fistingmike

    i just filled my man cunt and piss hole with toothpaste. ive got a nice tingly feeling going on  if you would like to tell me to do things, post them here and I will try them. Dare me to do anything I have the resources to do. 

  • Fisting in Dallas area

    Posted February 2, 2016 by Fistingmike

    Hey Dallas tops! Are you looking for a sweet man cunt to play with. I would love to accomodate. I can take small to large hands and love a good punch fisting. check out my vids on xtube under Fistingmike and on under fistingmike1. I can't host, so either you host or we split a room. I am in ...

  • Vietnamese Fister Look For Slutty Foreign Fistees

    Posted November 22, 2015 by GayFistVietam

    I’m Vietnamese FISTER. I am looking for Foreign FISTEESI love Fisting SMOOTH BIG BUBBLE ASS in JOCK/THONGS. If you have a perfect ass with small dick, it's totally ok for me. I love someone feel GOOD & ENJOYED to let me FIST/STRETCH/PUNCH his hole. Thank you.Turn-ons:   * Young ...

  • Boston Fisters???

    Posted November 12, 2015 by hairyjeff

    Am in Boston over Thanksgiving week starting 21st looking to fist/get fisted.  Anyone who can host interested? Pics available on squirt or email hairyjeff

  • Cambodia, BKK, HK in January

    Posted October 17, 2015 by stretch7250

    I will be in Cambodia [SR and PP] in late Dec, early Jan, then BKK for about 5 days mid Jan and then 5 days in HK after that. Looking to have my hole stretched. Any players??  Cheers  stretch

  • Fist Fest East Augusta, GA 2015

    Posted September 21, 2015 by mdswvgy

    Anyone else going to Fist Fest East in Augusta, GA USA 2015   2 weeks and counting. I was a NOVICE last year and had not taken a full hand, but after meeting so many people, some leather which whats not to love, but also Jeans & Tshirt guys to guys like me who get in the pool nekid. I got hom...

  • Sweden Fist

    Posted September 6, 2015 by fist hole

    Need some active swedes to open my hole for wide and deep fisting..

  • Auckland fisters

    Posted June 29, 2015 by Spankynz

    After guys into fisting in Auckland

  • New Toy

    Posted June 25, 2015 by Danny Pump

    Just got a new Anal Pump. Looking for someone who wants to try it out and rosebud my hole.

  • Berlin cam fist

    Posted June 19, 2015 by FFist-bottom-berlin

    i would like to habe a fit tonight in berlin in front of a camera...  :-P

  • horny to hook up

    Posted May 4, 2015 by fistslut

    Hi guys I'm in Auckland NZ I'm looking for someone who's up for FF fun during the day 9-3 in the Auckland area I'm a bottom who will vers only to FF other wise a total bottom


    Posted May 1, 2015 by rimini1965

    2 to 10 November 2015 i will be in NY CITY on vacation Can anyone help me to spend hours relaxing with fisting end more? thank you (too)  

  • looking for sex and workout trainer

    Posted April 8, 2015 by lbbottom

    I am looking for sex with top. I can be a top but I prefer being a bottom. It's been a while since I had sex so I need to get reopened. I am 56, poz, 5'10", mexican but look white jewish. I like group sex tag team. I want to get my body n legs pulled to help me get flexible. In public I am shy and ...

  • Get into my hole

    Posted February 7, 2015 by toyman69

    I need some man to take me down and bend me over and slowly but surely work his big fist in me, but wait if you can't get it in.  Work it open with some of my toy arsenal.   I have all sizes and this hole needs some stretching and cramming and pounding, good.   I want to eat a hairy h...

  • Fisting Japan

    Posted January 15, 2015 by Gen

    I easily explain Fist circumstances of Japan. At first there is no "Crisco" in Japan.But, please do not misunderstand it.I sell shortening commonly.There is not a product called "Crisco".The reason is because the food composition which I cannot recognize is included in "Crisco" in Japan.So I do Pla...

  • Haig Komplete on Facebook

    Posted December 18, 2014 by Haig Boislave Komplete


  • Fisting with friends

    Posted December 15, 2014 by Fistingmike

    My friend JT and I get together when we can to play. I'm married so it can be difficult for me to get away sometimes. We meet at his place or get motel. Last time was when my wife and I had a big fight and I left for the night. We played all night drinking his whiskey and popping my viagra. I had ne...

  • FF Top in Tampa

    Posted November 21, 2014 by FistingPig

    FF top in Tampa looking for bottoms to invade stretch play in make you squeel and shoot buckets into my waiting mouth. Med size hands for easy entry even on the tightest and great with newbies.

  • Tampa Bay, Florida USA

    Posted October 12, 2014 by jeFF

    Hi Guys -   Experienced versatile player here - who has fallen away from the fold.  :-( Interested in perhaps getting back into the saddle/sling/arena...albeit slowly and gently.   Anyone in the Tampa Bay area here other than myself?   I'd be interested in hooking up with ...