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Your Human Rectum
Master E's guide to permanent rectal disfunction!!!!

Your asshole has been abused a lot and is looking well conditioned.

When constant pumping, fisting and dildoing are not must truly take
extra-ordinary measures. in keeping with the human rectum's life-long goals, master E has prescribed
what may be viewed as the "final solution".
You are one of the human rectums I identified.

The “Final solution” is to provide unimpeded, deep and immediate access to the rectum's swollen cavity for himself, master E has decided for you that not only must the colon be pumped, power-fisted and bludgeoned with monster dildos, but, any response and/or control from the anal sphincter muscles must be removed and rendered permanently disabled, totally permanently dysfunctional. this will be achieved by breaking the ring, coring your colon out as per the checklist, larger and larger diameter colon plugs will be secured with a harness for extended, over-night sphincter de breakdown sessions. there are 5 parameters by which to monitor your rectum's progression.

For permanent anal ring dysfunction. "size": a given plug's diameter in inches, "take": can the plug be taken for penetration, "fuck": can the plug be "aggressively" and "violently" fucked from totally out of the rectum to the base of plug repetitively, "depth": how far can the plug be "taken" or "fucked" and "sleep": can the plug be inserted with harness for a minimum of 6 hour overnight sleep-training sessions. on this blog will be placed your current achievements, they will be updated along with the monthly video updates, so I can follow your progress.

It is surmised that, once sleep-sessions with the 3.75" diameter plug can be achieved for several weeks,that the rectum will at that point become irreparably, permanently gaping and unresponsive, this is when you will endure a lot of punch fistings...with the only further measurement being how wide!!! at this point, there will be no going back and the colon will likely need to be plugged 24/7 when not "in use", under the rare circumstances that constant leaking mucosal flow is not desired...stay tuned!!!!