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  • I tuely believe in the "give as you receive" model, afterall thi...  more
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  • I am looking for sex with top. I can be a top but I prefer being a bottom. It's been a while since I had sex so I need to get reopened. I am 56, poz, 5'10", mexican but look white jewish. I like group sex tag team. I want to get my body n legs pulled to help me get flexible. In public I am shy and ...
  • February 7
    Posted by toyman69
    I need some man to take me down and bend me over and slowly but surely work his big fist in me, but wait if you can't get it in.  Work it open with some of my toy arsenal.   I have all sizes and this hole needs some stretching and cramming and pounding, good.   I want to eat a hairy h...
  • January 15
    Posted by Gen
    I easily explain Fist circumstances of Japan. At first there is no "Crisco" in Japan.But, please do not misunderstand it.I sell shortening commonly.There is not a product called "Crisco".The reason is because the food composition which I cannot recognize is included in "Crisco" in Japan.So I do Pla...

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    Posted by admin October 5, 2014

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